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How You Can Master The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate

We’re here to help you build your real estate empire.

We’re James Harris and David Parnes, and we’ve been blessed to have achieved tremendous success in our real estate careers - including starring on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and facilitating $850 million of transactions in 2023.

But getting there wasn’t easy. We started out in the US as two Brits with no contacts, no listings, and no idea how we were going to make it.

At this stage in our careers, we want to share our wins, our mistakes, and most importantly, our learnings with agents just like you in order to have you break through into the top 1% of your market.

We’ve been in your shoes.
Let us help you get into ours.

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No matter your market, BREAKING into the 1% is hard

We hear from agents every day:

  • I'm not generating enough leads to fill my pipeline
  • I leave money on the table for myself and my clients in high pressure negotiations
  • I struggle with articulating my personal brand consistently to attract new clients and retain those I already have?
  • The market conditions are too difficult and I don’t have a way to consistently sell in a down market
  • My real estate career is not leading to the life of financial freedom that I want

If this is you, we get it. We know this industry is tough, and this market is even tougher. That’s why we created The 1% Blueprint - to give you our tried and true systems that got us to where we are, through all kinds of challenges and market downturns. We’re here to help you, every step of the way.

we’re here to help

Join the top 1% of your market with the tools and strategies we used to do the same

Build a winning mindset to build a winning business

Unlock your true potential and develop a resilient mindset that empowers you to overcome challenges and thrive in the competitive real estate landscape.

Generate consistent leads, no matter the market

Discover our strategies and  techniques to attract a stream of high-quality leads, propelling your real estate business to new heights of success.

Negotiate high value deals with confidence

Master the art of negotiation and gain the confidence needed to secure the best deals for your clients, earning their trust and loyalty along the way.

Learn the door knocking method that got us started

Embrace an innovative and personalized door knocking method that sets you apart from the crowd, ensuring meaningful connections with potential clients and a higher conversion rate.

Create systems to enable you to do what your love

Streamline your workflow and productivity by implementing efficient, repeatable systems that optimize your time, resources, and results, allowing you to scale your business with ease.

Understand marketing methods that work

Stay ahead of the marketing game with expert insights into the most effective and up-to-date strategies, ensuring your real estate services are in demand and highly sought after in your market.

“I've worked with James and David at The Agency for the better part of the last decade and have seen their amazing growth in the luxury market. Their skillset and approach to client relationships is something that I think everyone can learn from; regardless of where you sell or how long you've been in the business.”

Mauricio Umansky

CEO of The Agency

Among many other things, James once told me that real estate is like surfing: it comes in waves. So when you’re on the wave, ride the shit out of it. With his support, I’ve ridden the wave to $100m+ in sales.

Kris Everett

Agent | Bond Street Partners

See for yourself how we can help

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What you’ll learn in The 1% Blueprint


We'll welcome you to the course, and share our motivation for creating this tool and sharing it with the world. Beyond that, we will help you get started on setting a baseline for yourself, as well as goals for the course, your business, and your life. You'll complete:

  • A robust self-assessment to clarify where you are currently and measure progress against.
  • Our goal-setting and business planning worksheet, whic you'll refer back to throughout the course.

Once you've worked through those, you're ready to dive into the first chapter and learn our approach to building a winning mindset!

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The 1% Mindset

Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right. Real estate, especially in the luxury market, requires a focused, relentless, and unshakeable mindset in order to achieve success. In this chapter, we'll teach you our approach and methods to building your 1% mindset. Lessons and worksheets in this chapter include:

  • The foundational principles of building a 1% mindset and how to apply them to yourself.
  • A worksheet to assess the current 1% in your market and identify how you can learn from them.
  • Our CHOP method to keep yourself centered and focused on implementing mindset changes.
  • Learn how to take your fears and any sense of unhealthy competition out of the equation, and spin them into competitive advantages.

Armed with your new mindset, you'll be ready to dive into the next chapter and gain a holistic understanding of the market you compete in.

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Understanding The Market

Knowledge is power, and if you are not the absolute source of knowledge for your clients, someone else will be. In this chapter, we'll share our approach for becoming a trusted advisor with your clients, as well as knowing when to stop over-analyzing and to pull the trigger on a decision. You'll learn:

  • What information we rely on for deep knowledge of our market, as well as each neighborhood and individual listing.
  • A checklist to ensure you are going into client meetings and negotiations well-equipped.
  • Our framework and approach to mindset we use to overcome analysis paralysis and to make decisions.

With a deep understanding of your market, you'll be prepared to get started on what every agent should be thinking about every day: how to fill your pipeline.

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Generate More Leads

One of the foundational principles we've built out business around is that, regardless of how many listings or deals in escrow you have, you should always be spending time on activities that help build your pipeline. In this chapter, we'll share:

  • The key aspects of executing differentiated and irresistible marketing in the luxury real estate space.
  • Marketing methods we've used over the past 15 years and what we believe provide the best return on investment.
  • Our experience, philosophy, and approach to door knocking, which has been the single most impactful initiative we've built out business through.
  • The framework to run open houses that not only get your listing sold, but serve as additional lead generation, as well as a checklist to ensure each one is memorable.

We'll have you ready to run out the door to get new leads, but before you do that, you'll want to dig into the next chapter to complete The Blueprint training.

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Reputation and Negotiation

In luxury real estate, your reputation is absolutely everything. How you are perceived by your clients, your prospects, and even other agents has a tremendous impact on your ability to generate and close business. In this chapter, you'll dig into:

  • What makes up a personal brand in the luxury real estate market, and how you can craft yours.
  • Our full branding toolkit, vetted by our own Director of Marketing.
  • The approach we take into every negotiation, and how to create win-win situations (and future clients) in a luxury deal for everyone involved.
  • What we believe every agent should be doing daily, mentally and operationally, to win in a down market.
  • How consistency and organization are the hallmarks of a succesful agent who works with luxury clientele.

Once you've completed the course work, you're off and running to build the luxury business of your dreams! But we'll continue to support you with monthly Q&A sessions, as well as our peer-to-peer community.

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Beyond joining James and David’s personal network, Founders’ Club members will have exclusive access to monthly live sessions and in-person events.

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Do you have a payment plan option?

Yes - we understand the market is tough right now, and want to be able to support you as you gain the skills you need to gain traction now in order to dominate as the market rebounds which is why we've made the course accessible via 3 monthly payments of $249.

How long are you offering access to the Founders’ Club?

This will only be available for a limited time, as we anticipate only making 250 seats available so we can best support the community.

What is included in the course?

When you buy The 1% Blueprint, you'll receive: hours of video content of David and I sharing our learnings around the most important aspects of becoming the top 1% in your market, more than 12 worksheets to apply your learnings to your business immediately, our top door knocking scripts to overcome objections and turn every conversation into a valuable one, and access to a peer-to-peer community of other ambitious agents.

What is included within The Founders' Club?

In addition to lifetime access to the course, you’ll also gain exclusive access to monthly live Q&A sessions with the two of us, invitations to private, members only open houses in LA to see how we run these crucial marketing activities, and a welcome to our personal network to share learnings - and maybe even a deal or two!

How long do I have access to the program?

Once you’ve purchased the course, you’ll be able to access to course content for as long as you’d like - we’d recommend noting sections that are the most impactful for you and returning to them!

If I live in a smaller market, will this work for me?

YES! We applied these methods to one of the most competitive markets in the world and built a real estate empire. Even if your market doesn’t sustain multi-million dollar listings, the lessons we are imparting will elevate your mindset and skills to dominate in whatever market you are in.

Do I get access to a community as part of the offer?

Yes - you’ll be invited to a private, peer-to-peer community of the other high-performing agents in the program, with Founders' Club members having an even more exclusive space to interact.

limited time only

The first 250 students join our Founders’ Club

Founders Club Price $997 $697